Secure, Flexible Entry Access

This new locking solution
provides 3 methods of entry 

Touchscreen Entry
Biometric Entry
Secure Mobile App

Full Control with the S&G App 

Contains advanced proprietary encryption for secure communication

  • Choose instant and completely secure field upgrades
  • Unlimited audit trail to know exactly who accesses the safe
  • Battery status indicator alert when batteries need to be changed

network connection required

I-Series Keypad Specifications

  • Approximate Unit Size: 4.03” x 4.0 x 1.3”
  • Display Size: 3.5”
  • Base Models: Available in standard keypad base and
    biometric base options  
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Operating Temperature: (0 °C- 49 °C)   ( 32°F -120°F)
  • Requirements: Bluetooth Low Energy 4.2 or higher
  • Operating System Compatibility: Android, iOS
  • Observation Distance: 45 +/- 5cm
  • Viewing Angle: +/- 45 degrees
  • Battery Requirements: 4-AA batteries, Duracell PROCELL,
  • Warranty: two-year limited
  • UL certification
  • I-Series Touchscreen Keypad Lock Compatibility:
I-Series Lock Capability
  • Spartan
  • 6120
  • 6124
  • Titan
  • 6123
  • 6125

(Direct Drive option coming soon)

I-Series Exploded View Diagrm
I-Series Front View Diagram
I-Series Side View Diagram
I-Series Mounting Plate Diagram


Instructional Videos

I-Series Keypad Install

Biometric Reader Install

I-Series App Setup

Mobile App Support

The I-Series Keypad Control mobile App will enable you to fully utilize your keypad’s additional features and functionality to:

Biometric IconSetup Biometric Reader & Fingerprint Controls

Update IconPerform Firmware Updates

History IconAccess History & Audit Reports

To control your Sargent & Greenleaf I-Series Keypad lock remotely simply download the I-Series Keypad Control App from the App Store and or the Google Play store. Select the right option for you using the helpful store quick links shown below.

S&G App Store IconThe Sargent and Greenleaf
I-Series Keypad Control App

Google Store
Apple App Store
Where can I get the mobile application?

The mobile application is available on the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Do I need the mobile application to utilize my keypad and lock?

The mobile application is required to utilize some of the amazing features offered on your keypad including adding your fingerprint, accessing history and audit information and firmware updates. If you do not download the mobile application, you will not be able to use these.

Is the mobile application free?

Yes, the mobile application is completely free for your use.

What types of functionality can I access through the mobile application?

The mobile application allows you to utilize fingerprint setup, access the history of your keypad and audit trail and update the firmware of your keypad for future enhancements.

How often will the mobile application be updated?

The mobile application will be periodically updated to offer new features to you and update your keypad.

Are you storing my information?

Yes, we are storing the profile you’ve created, however this is only in our databases and will not be used or shared with any other company or organization.

The app will not connect to the keypad?

When connecting the app to the keypad, make sure your device’s Bluetooth is activated and that the correct pairing code from the inside keypad cover is being used.

Who can I contact to for additional help?

For additional support connecting your I-Series keypad or your mobile device to a Sargent and Greenleaf lock, please visit our Contact Us page for numbers and addresses.

Design Your Keypad

Step 1: Order Your Base

Step 2: Configure your Keypad Feature Set and Lock Body

Add Keypad Options

  • Network Connectivity
  • Biometric
  • One Time Code (OTC)
  • Direct Drive

Combine with Lock Body

Lock body model options:

Step 3: Register for 2 year Warranty and Future Upgrades

As we regularly roll out new features, choose the ones that best fit your needs, and keep your security updated in real time. Upgrade and stay ahead of lock technology without having install a new piece of equipment.

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